Grinder & Homogenizer


Avans new hand-held homogenizer, the AHM-1, is designed to rapidly homogenize, disperse, emulsify , suspend, and disrupt samples from 0. 5ml to 2 50ml. During operation, the sample in liquid is drawn ...more



QuadFuge Plate Spinner is the centrifuge designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates. Two standard microplates are loaded through a slot in the to...more



The Mini Shaking Incubator, combining shaker and incubator, is a compact bench–top shaking incubator used for mixing of biological liquids as well as for incubation and cultivation of biological liqui...more

Sample Preparation


DeftSteri glass bead dry sterilizer is a convenient effective way to quickly decontaminate your micro-dissecting instruments. Without using potentially dangerous gases, flames or chemicals, you can en...more