Dry Bath


DualBloc cooling/heating dry bath is ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures. DualBloc...more

Chemistry Analyzer


ComfyChem is a compact semi-auto chemistry analyzer dedicated to providing fast and reliable chemical analysis. It has a powerful data process function. 7.0″ color touch screen simplifies daily oper...more

Grinder & Homogenizer


Avans new hand-held homogenizer, the AHM-1, is designed to rapidly homogenize, disperse, emulsify , suspend, and disrupt samples from 0. 5ml to 2 50ml. During operation, the sample in liquid is drawn ...more

Dry Bath


The BenchMate Cooling/Heating Thermal Mixer is a temperature controlled vortexer, designed for a variety of molecular biology applications that require consistent and precise results. With heating, co...more