WesternOne Marker Pen is a perfect tool for chemiluminescent detection in Western blot. It can be easily used to write/draw on your transfer membranes and make pre-stained marker chemiluminescent, ann...more



Avans AgileFuge is a small but mighty centrifuge. It features an easy-to-interchange rotor adapter that accommodates a 8-place fixed angle rotor for 1.5mL to 2.0mL tubes, and a Four 8 x 0.2mL PCR tub...more

Microplate Reader/Washer


AgileWasher microplate washer is designed to achieve a fast and reliable microplate processing with high precision and repeatability, whilst allowing the user a multitude of individual adjustment poss...more

Dry Bath


Premium Dry Bath Incubator(Cooling) is a semi-conductor controlled heating & cooling instrument with automatic temperature control design. The flexible timer, constant temperature function and multi-...more