Dry Bath


DualBloc cooling/heating dry bath is ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures. DualBloc...more

Sample Preparation


The AgileSealer Plate Sealer is a semi-automatic thermal sealer which is ideal for the low to medium throughput laboratory that requires uniform and consistent sealing of micro-plates. Unlike manual p...more

Blotting handler


The AgileBlot is an automated strip processor and is applicable to western blot membrane inspection procedure or similar technique. With fully programmable features, from dispense volumes, selection o...more



QuadFuge Plate Spinner is the centrifuge designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates. Two standard microplates are loaded through a slot in the to...more