Chem. Equip.


mini-ComfyVapor concentrator is an inexpensive alternative to rotary evaporator and concentrator when numbers of samples must be processed. The evaporation of the solvent is accelerated by gassing wit...more

Cryogenic Storage


eFreeChiller box provides sample cooling or freezing without ice, electricity or batteries. The reusable internal cooling or freezing CoolEngergizer provides hours of “0 to 4.0℃” cooling or “-22 to -...more

Dry Bath


Comfy Dry Bath Incubator is designed for heating and cooling of small volume samples – up to 2.0mL. Comfy Dry Bath Incubator is a microprocessor-controlled instrument. It is smart, palm-size (110x156x...more

Grinder & Homogenizer


Avans new hand-held homogenizer, the AHM-1, is designed to rapidly homogenize, disperse, emulsify , suspend, and disrupt samples from 0. 5ml to 2 50ml. During operation, the sample in liquid is drawn ...more