Chemistry Analyzer


ComfyChem is a compact semi-auto chemistry analyzer dedicated to providing fast and reliable chemical analysis. It has a powerful data process function. 7.0″ color touch screen simplifies daily oper...more

Chem. Equip.


The AgileMelt Melting Point Device is a convenient, safe, fast and easy to use digital product that determines the melting point of a substance without the need for a mercury thermometer. It makes m...more

Thermal Cycler


AgileCycler features a truly intuitive user interface with a colored touch screen. Precision is enhanced by a 4-zone temperature regulation that corrects for any differences between the 8 peltier elem...more

Blotting handler


The AgileBlot is an automated strip processor and is applicable to western blot membrane inspection procedure or similar technique. With fully programmable features, from dispense volumes, selection o...more