ComfyLiquid pipetting controller


This revolutionary battery powered pipette controller works with glass and plastic pipettes in the 1 to 100 ml range. ComfyLiquid was designed for ultimate comfort and ergonomic safety. It has a lightweight handle with smooth push-buttons and ergonomically located switches.


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Works with pipettes from 1 ml to 100 ml
Cordless work for up to 2,000 times of continuous work
Environmentally friendly 3 Ni-MH batteries
Ergonomic handle design
Overfilling protection : supplied with PTFE filter blocking any liquid from entering the unit. To protect the samples from cross contamination, filters, silicone resin and nosepiece can be easily exchanged and autoclaved.
Liquid aspiration:the user can choose HIGH or LOW work speed and additionally adjust the suction by the pressure applied to the trigger button.
Dispensing:carried out by gravity or supported by pump which empties the pipette with blow out.


Cat. Number



ComfyLiquid, universal power supply, charging stand, 2 PTFE autoclavable filter 0,2 μm, wall mounting,


Silicone resin, 10 pieces/pack


PTFE autoclavable filter 0.2 μm, 10 pieces/pack


PTFE autoclavable filter 0.45 μm, 10 pieces/pack


Wall mounting


Pipette holder