SplitShaker with remote controller


SplitShaker is designed to suit the CO2 incubators, green house, and refrigerators extreme environment. The parameters are set via the included remote controller, to reduce the disruption of CO2 environment, and unintentional release of gas or deviations from protocol. Magnet feet of remote controller enables user to stick the controller on the shell of chamber, easier to see the parameter setting as well as to adjust the parameters.

Designed for shaking, mixing, and aeration applications in extreme environments.
Remote control, adjust without disrupting the CO2 environment.
Digital display for speed and time
Rubber feet of shaker allow operation with shake resistance, stable high rpm, and quiet.
Supersize holding grid fits for everything
Strong weight-bearing maximize capacity in most CO2 incubators


Stainless steel platform and rubber mat combination

 Universal Platform


 250ml Conical Flask Stand (capacity 12pcs)


 100ml Conical Flask Stand (capacity 20pcs)



Speed Range

50 to 300 rpm


1 min ~ 99 h 59 min


10 mm

Maximum load

2.5 kg

Platform size

330 x 430 mm

Motor parameters

Brushless DC motor 

Ambient Operating Temperature (Shaker)

-10 ~ 60℃

Ambient Operating Temperature (Remote controller)

-10 ~ 50℃

Ambient Operating humidity level (Shaker)


Cord length and thickness

1.5m and 1.5mm

Beep alarm


Controller dimension

220 x 132 x 64 mm (W x D x H)

Shaker dimension

270 x 320 x 112 mm (W x D x H)

Net weight

8 kg




100 - 240V AC 0.75A  50/60Hz


250V, 1A, ɸ5 x 20



■Brochure remote controller brochure.pdf,