AgileMelt Melting Point Device


The AgileMeltTM Melting Point Device is a convenient, safe, fast and easy to use digital product that determines the melting point of a substance without the need for a mercury thermometer.  It makes measurement simple and is ideal for use in educational chemistry labs.

Built-in internal fan to speed up cooling down. The fan will be turned off when the temperature reaches 5°C below fast stage
3 indicator lights (Heating, Fast, Slow) advise the procedure in process
Heating block with plastic cover to protect the user; cover is easily removed for cleaning
Magnifying lens allow a view of up to two samples illuminated clearly by a built-in LED light
Adjustable Slow Speed temperature ramp rate from 0.2°C to 10°C
Fast Stage temperature set that saves time prior to carrying out the melt procedure
Metal feet extends and helps provide an appropriate viewing angle
A hand-held “Read" push button helps users to record data quickly without looking for the “Read” button on the panel
Capable of recording data. Data will be stored permanently until it is erased


Temp. range

Ambient Temperature to 300°C

Temp. accuracy

± 0.5°C

Digital Display/Resolution

4 Digit LED/0.1°C

Readout and temp. hold


Calibration capability


Numbers of samples


Temperature Ramp Rate 

Fast Temp Set <= 20°C/min. (depending on Set)

Slow Ramp Rates

Adjustable between 0.2 and 10 at 0.1°C/min. interval

Cooling rate


Inside block temp. view


Hand held “READ” push button


Data recording 



16 x 22 x 17cm (w x d x h) 

Net Weight 


Electrical Supply 

120V / 230V, 50Hz, 75W 

Capillary Tubes, 100/pack


Optional accessory

Printer & printing paper




■BrochureAvansBio AgileMelt Brochure.pdf,