mini-ComfyVapor Sample Concentrator


mini-ComfyVaporTM concentrator is an inexpensive alternative to rotary evaporator and concentrator when numbers of samples must be processed. The evaporation of the solvent is accelerated by gassing with nitrogen which is a gentle method for oxidation sensitive samples. The built-in metal block thermostats are used to compensate for evaporation by maintaining the constant temperature of the system.

mini-ComfyVaporTM  adopts the microcomputer processing and PID control technique to rapidly, continuously and controllably blow nitrogen to the surface of the sample. Aluminum block enables fast and uniform heat transfer to enhance the heating rate and precise temperature control. User can set the heating temperature based on the evaporation rate and the boiling point of solvent.


Combination with block heater and passing nitrogen over the surface of the sample produces ideal conditions for fast, efficient evaporation


Light and compact design for convenient use in a fume cupboard when toxic solvents are being evaporated.


The unique patented airflow control design reinforces the gas tightness and eliminates the risk of gas leakage.
Easily raise/press the needles, then the on/off status of each manifold can be visibly observed.


6 Airway control switches greatly reduce gas waste


Over-heating protection device, Automatic fault detection, Buzzer alarm when program completion


Instantly displays temperature and diminishing time


The independent blowpipes minimize the risk of cross-contamination.


Fully adjustable stand for accurate height control.


Wide range of applications, includes pesticide analysis, environmental analysis, Bioanalysis, food and beverage analysis

Temperature Range

RT+5 °C - 100 °C

Temp. Control Accuracy

± 0.5°C(40~100°C)

Temp Control stability

±0.5℃ (100℃)

Display Accuracy


Heating Time

≤15min (from 20 °C to 100 °C)

Timing Range

1min ~ 999 min or 1sec ~ 999 sec

Standard Needle length

150 mm

Maximum vertical travel

320 mm


Any inert gas (often nitrogen)

Gas usage


Gas pressure


Optional Blocks 6 x ɸ 15mm
6 x ɸ 16mm

Power Input


Maximum Power


Average Power



110mm x 156mm x 400mm

Net Weight