VetChem Analyzer


Universal photometric vet chemistry analyzer 

Reagent open system & 4 open kinds of animal

VetChemTM Analyzer is a versatile semi-automatic chemistry analyzer. It has 34 pre-programmed tests and calculations for kinetic and endpoint assays, and user can define up to 20 additional tests. 

VetChemTM Analyzer supports up to 12 kinds of animals. 8 fixed kinds (dog, cat, horse, pig, cow, buffalo, sheep and rabbit) and 4 open kinds (added by the user) allow the wild applications, ranges from lab research to pet hospital and animal husbandry.

Designed with 7” color LCD, VetChemTM Analyzer displays real-time reaction curve, and the USB interface can be used to download comprehensive reports.

The advanced software based on Windows CE gives VetChem Analyzer a friendly interface which meets the individual requirements of clinical chemistry laboratory. 


Capable of testing 12 kinds of animals, including 8 predefined and 4 open.


Supporting flow cell and cuvette mode


6 analytical modes : Endpoint, Bichromatic, Liner regression, Multi-Calibration, Two-point, Kinetics


Bichromatic optic system with 7 wavelengths


Intuitive Windows operation system with mouse and 7” color LCD display


Real-time curve monitoring


Powerful QC function : Westguard Multi-rule, Levey Jenning plot, 2 controls per test.


With lamp sleeping and wake-up function


Automatic self-check when power on



Photometer Range

-0.500 ~ 3.500Abs

Light Source

Halogen lamp


340, 405, 500, 546, 578, 620, 670nm & 1 more filter optional

Wavelength Accuracy


Band Width





200 test parameters, up to 3,000 sample results


RS-232, USB, SD card insterface

Flow cell

25ul Metal quartz flow cell

Cuvette Mode (optional)

12.5mm x 12.5mm cuvette

Temperature Control

25℃, 30℃, 37℃, ±0.5℃, and ambient temperature


7” color LCD (640 x 240 discernibility, 256 colors)


USB mouse and external keyboard


Build-in printer

Net Weight


Dimension (L x W x H mm)

460 x 330 x 190

Power Supply

AC110 ~ 250V, 50Hz/60Hz



■BrochureAvansbio VetChemAnalyzer_brochure.pdf,