LiFuge mini-centrifuge


LiFugeTM is a versatile, personal microcentrifuge for quick spin-downs of small samples. LiFugeTM is supplied complete. Each rotor can be easily interchanged by the user. The transparent lid allows the operator to view the samples. The rotors stop once the lid release button is pushed. The centrifuge is small but mighty. It quickly accelerates to a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm and stops within seconds. LiFugeTM stands stable on rubber feet. The motor provides a super quiet, vibration-free operation.


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Maximum speed 12,000rpm, ideal for quick spins
Very quiet even at 12,000rpm
Adopt specialized motor used in the AVIATION INDUSTRY
It comes with a “8-place fixed angle rotor for 1.5mL to 2.0mL tubes” which is more than most models (6-place only) in the market.
It comes with a “Four 8 x 0.2mL PCR tube strip rotor” which is more than most models in the market.
Small footprint, compact design, and supplied complete
Accelerates and stops quickly
Running safely - The rotors stop once the lid release button is pushed
Rubber feet for vibration-free operation



Cat. No. LF-12000
Speed 4,000~ 12,000 rpm
RCF 7,245 x g
Rotors (standard) •  Round rotor: 8-place for 1.5mL / 2.0mL tubes
•  8-tube adapter for 0.2mL or 8-tube adapter for 0.5mL tubes
•  Strip rotor: 32-place for 16 x 0.2mL tubes or 4 x 0.2mL 8-tube PCR strips



polycarbonate (PC)

Body & Rotor

ABS Resin

Base feet


Weight 3.5kg
Electrical 85~245V AC, 50Hz,
Environment Incubators to 50°C and cold rooms to 4°C



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