Avans Biotechnology was set up in 1980s with the sole aim to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of modern exciting personal products for experiment in the field of Life Science. Avans Biotech supplies top quality lab equipments, lab products, and reagents through the worldwide distributors and OEM partners. Our range of benchtop science equipments is available under 2 brand names, and we offer reagents on an OEM basis.


Infinigen offers temperature control equipment. Products are featured with precise temperature control capability to highly improve experimental reproducibility; high temperature ramping rate to reduce experiment required time. Various customers’ needs can be satisfied by our broad spectrum of products.


Avans integrates the excellence of Taiwan technology and design on its products by featuring with innovation, compact design, multifunctional, easy to operate, and low maintenance.  We have an extensive range of highly specialized lab equipments, includes micro-volume spectrophotometers, cell roller, and centrifuges, Tube rotator, motor driven handheld cell disruptor, and full range pipetting system for precise sample preparation.

Reagents offered by Avans on an OEM basis :



Product details

Agarose Powder and Tablet

LE multi-purpose agarose 

Low Melting Point (LMP) agarose

High Resolution (HR) agarose

3:1 agarose

Tablet agarose

DNA & Protein Ladder

DNA Ladder

Trio-13 Prestained Protein Marker

Trio-12 Prestained Protein Marker

Trio-10 Plus Prestained Protein Marker

Trio-10 Prestained Protein Marker

Duo Prestained Protein Marker

AvanSafe Green and AvanSafe Red DNA Stain

AvanSafe Green DNA Stain

WesternOne HRP Marker Pen  WesternOneTM HRP Marker Pen
Premium ECL Western Blotting Substrate  Premium Chemiluminescent Substrate

Our entire product line is designed to be user friendly and highly reproducible. Contact Avans Biotech
at for our competitive pricing on OEM products and services.

Mission Statement

Avans Biotechnology is committed to becoming partner of your best choice of Life Science products. We strive to differentiate ourselves by delivering more to the customers for less from their pocket. We bring the best qualified products to the customers at lower cost without the sacrifice of the services the customers are used to.

All our products designed and produced are with compact packing, easy installation and operation features. Prompt customer service not only satisfies the customer needs but also reduces technician burdens.

With extensive marketing and sales knowledge, and strong technical expertise, Avans provides one-stop services that focus on helping our customers to build sustainable niche by providing wide range of quality products/services for whatever the customers’ needs or requirements may be.