Tablet agarose


Tablet Agarose is LE Agarose Tablet delivered in blister convenient pack. Optimized gel strength and Low EEO for ease of handling, high clarity, and low background sharp band separation. 


Rethink Agarose

Tablet Agarose

Other Agarose Powder

Pre-weight tablet, no weighing required

Loose powder, need to be weighed

Fast dissolving in 5 seconds

Longer dissolving process

Made with high purity LE Agarose, multi-purpose

Vary by manufacturer

Blister packaging allow for full portability

Bulky bottle packaging

<1min, safe hands-on time

>20 min. potential hazardous hands-on time


Our agarose line : LE multi-purpose agarose, Low Melting Point (LMP) agarose, High Resolution (HR) agarose, 3:1 agarose 


PCR related products 



Item No. Description
TAB-200 Tablet Agarose, 0.5g, 200 tabs, blister convenient pack
TAB-1000 Tablet Agarose, 0.5g, 1000 tabs, blister convenient pack



■OtherAgarose Selection Guide.pdf,
■User manualTablet Agarose Protocol.pdf,