AgileReader microplate reader


AgileReaderTM utilizes a precision optical system to provide fast and reliable absorbance measurements. AgileReaderTM can perform ELISA, EIA or enzymatic activity measurements between the wavelength of 340~900nm with end point, two point, and kinetic measurement method.


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Wide wavelength range of 340-900nm allows assay flexibility
Built-in incubator for kinetic studies
Accurate temperature control guarantees stable data for long term kinetic assays
Built-in shaker with 8Hz, 11Hz, and 14Hz user selectable shaking modes
4~5 filters supplied as standard (standard or customer's choice)
Additional filters can be user installed in minutes
Comprehensive on-board software allows the reader to be used effectively as a stand-alone instrument
A full control and data analysis PC software package is supplied as standard
Quick Start Wizard allows fast and easy setup of read protocols and data analysis

Comprehensive library of inbuilt data analysis options for both endpoint and kinetic assays

Custom plate layouts with color coding, simplify even the most complex assays

Automated data export as text / html or into Word / Excel

Full audit trail and GLP features

Model Number


Wavelength Range


Interference Filters

Max 8 selectable filters in a filter wheel, +/-2 nm half bandwidth filter

Read Channels

8 (+ 1 reference)

Supplied filters : 
•  A Model 
•  B Model
405, 450, 490 and 600nm (space for 4 optional filters) ; 
340, 405, 450, 490 and 600nm (space for 3 optional filters)

Center Wavelength

accuracy +/-2 nm

Measurement Range

0.000 ~ 4.000 Abs


0.001 Abs


+/- 0.005 Abs or 2%, whichever is greater (from 0.000 to 3.000 Abs)


<0.3% CV from 0.000 to 2.000 Abs; 
<1.0% CV from 2.000 to 3.000 Abs


+/- 2% from 0.000 to 3.000 Abs

Measurement Time

<5 seconds at continuous reading

Measurement Mode

End point, two point, and kinetic

Light Source

Halogen lamp (12V/20W)

Photo Detector

9 silicon photo detectors


Three user selectable modes(8Hz, 11Hz, and 14Hz)


RT +3℃ up to 50℃

Plate Type

96-well plate


8x21 character graphic dot-matrix LCD module


25 key tactile membranes

Printer Interface

Parallel Centronics

Computer Interface

RS232C or USB serial interface

Data Storage

100 sets of protocol, 50 sets of data and 20 sets of standard curve


35.5 x 34.5 x 17.4 cm



Power Supply

100~240V, 50/60Hz, 90W max

Operating Conditions

+15°C to 35°C, RH 90% max

AMPR900-A AgileReaderTM ELISA Plate Reader 400-900nm, includes 405, 450, 490 and 600 filters and softwares
AMPR900-B AgileReaderTM ELISA Plate Reader 340-900nm, includes 340, 405, 450, 490 and 600 filters and software
AMPR900-201 Tungsten halogen lamp
AMPR900-301 Filter cassette 405nm
AMPR900-302 Filter cassette 450nm
AMPR900-303 Filter cassette 490nm
AMPR900-304 Filter cassette 550nm
AMPR900-307 Filter cassette 570nm
AMPR900-306 Filter cassette 650nm
AMPR900-305 Filter cassette 600nm

*Customized filters that range from 340nm to 900nm are available upon request.