Chemiluminescent Substrate


Premium Chemiluminescent HRP substrate (also known as ECL reagents) are the most sensitive reagents used in the detection of Western blots. AvansBio Premium Chemiluminescent Substrate is an extremely sensitive enhanced chemiluminescent substrate for femtogram-level. Applying in Western blotting or ELISA application, AvansBio Premium Chemiluminescent Substrate allows detection of target protein on PVDF or nitrocellulose, provides high signal and low background results without signal burn effect, and benefits the researchers with detecting and quantifying high and low abundance proteins on one blot.

Broad range sensitivity -

detects femtogram of target protein on PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane

Cost saving –

uses extremely low antibody concentration on the WB and ELISA application; dilute primary antibody 5,000 to 20,000-fold and secondary antibody 100,000 to 400,000-fold from 1mg/mL stock

Better results –

- produces stronger band without signal burn effect

- provides insignificant background

- avoids non-specific signals on the WB result

Part# Product Name Description
MECL-5000 AvansBio Premium Chemiluminescent Substrate, HRP 250mL soultion A + 250mL solution B