OEM basis

Reagents offered by Avans on an OEM basis :



Product details

Agarose Powder and Tablet

LE multi-purpose agarose 

Low Melting Point (LMP) agarose

High Resolution (HR) agarose

3:1 agarose

Tablet agarose

DNA & Protein Ladder

DNA Ladder

Trio-13 Prestained Protein Marker

Trio-12 Prestained Protein Marker

Trio-10 Plus Prestained Protein Marker

Trio-10 Prestained Protein Marker

Duo Prestained Protein Marker

AvanSafe Green and AvanSafe Red DNA Stain

AvanSafe Green DNA Stain

WesternOne HRP Marker Pen  WesternOneTM HRP Marker Pen
Premium ECL Western Blotting Substrate  Premium Chemiluminescent Substrate

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