EcoWasher Microplate Washer


EcoWasherTM microplate washer is designed to provide the users an economical and reliable microplate processing with good precision and repeatability.


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12-way or 8-way manifold, automatic and manual positioning

Programming function with up to 50 user-defined wash protocols

Washes all standard flat, U and V-bottom strips and 96 well plates

Automatic monitoring vacuum, pressure, and automatic rinse

Wash pressure volume and time adjustable

Liquid level detection and alert function

Plate Type

96-/48-well plates or strips (standard flat, U and V-bottom)

Manifold format

8 or 12 way manifold

Bottle capacity

2L each

Wash volume

50-3,000uL for 8-way manifold

50-2,000uL for 8-way manifold

Wash cycle

Up to 99 cycles

Strip Washing

1-12 channels adjustable

Dispense Precision

CV < 2%

Residual volume

< 3ul per well

Soak time

0 ~ 24 hours


5" LCD


50 wash protocols





Unit dimension

39 x 33 x 18cm

Net Weight

9 kg