AgileBLU Portable LED Transilluminator


AgileBLUTM  is used for the observation of gel electrophoresis.  Blue light LEDs won’t damage the DNA separated in an agarose gel and protect your skin and eyes.  AgileBLUTM uses LED light to observe or shoot various dyes. LED light is a harmless bright light. 

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No need to wear glasses. Switch the LEDs on, detect your band and excise your DNA fragment. Your DNA won’t be damaged.
You can use Ethidium Bromide as well as other dyes for staining. We prefer to use our AvanSafe GreenTM stains as a non carcinogenic – less mutagenic alternative to Ethidium Bromide.
The LED light is bright with a long service life which can reach 50,000 hours. It is suitable for observation of a large range of flourochrome. It has high sensitivity and good homogeneity.
It can be used as a blue light platform and also used to match up as a multi-imager.
Uniform blue-ray transillumination. Low background values.
Screen plate can be randomly fixed. The angle is adjustable. It can be operated with one hand making it easier to watch the gel.
Compared with the traditional UV transmission instrument, AgileBLUTM makes sample observation more symmetrical and photo's effect better.

Dimensions (mm)

210 x 210 x 30 mm

Wavelenght (nm)

470 nm


24 V DC 0.65A

Gel size compatibility

100 x 150mm


1.4 kg



■Brochureavansbio AgileBLU brochure.pdf,