AgileUV Lightweight Portable UV Detector


AgileUVTM portable UV detector provides optional single wavelength 365nm and 254nm, or double wavelengths 365nm / 254nm. It is used for detection of nucleic acid dye, such as Ethidium bromide, Acridine orange, in fluorescence dyes. It is widely used for nucleic acid testing in many industries including molecular biology, biological chemistry, medical science, forensic autopsy examination as well as biological agent. 

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Compact designed, simple operation, one-key to switch the wavelengths.
Single or double wavelengths (365nm / 254nm).
Long life LED.
H-type stand for option to fix the device.
H-type bracket is used to fix the device. It can adjust height and angle.

Wavelength : 365nm and 254nm
Dimension : 440 × 75 × 51mm
Power : ≤6W
Input Power : AC100-230V 50/60Hz
UV Window : 150 x 50mm
Net Weight : 700g

Matters requiring attention:

1. Do not brush or press the UV color filter. Keep it clean and dry. Clean the UV color filter by gauze after use.
2. Ultraviolet radiation takes its toll on human health, shut off the device when it is not in use. Do not point AgileUVTM at people when using.