ChemiBENCH Chemiluminescence Imager


chemiBENCH is chemiluminecent imaging system having sensitive lens and advanced Peltier cooled CCD Camera for the actualization of low noise with the proprietary integrated software.

Multi capture mode : Auto/ Auto Quant/ Manual capturing mode available.
Compact integrated design fits neatly on every lab bench.
Built-in touchscreen allows independent work of a dedicated PC.
Absolute sealed darkroomv enables system to capture 100% of the chemiluminescence signal.
Brighter images are produced by the scientific grade camera.
Getting maximum signal by manually adjust High-throughput lens.
High signal/noise ratio is created by Advanced Peltier cooled CCD.

CCD depth 16 bit
Dynamic Range > 4.0
Operation temperature 0 ~ 60°C
Chip size 1"
Resolution 6.0M pixels
Pixel Size 4.54um x 4.54um
Cooling Peltier, 60°C below ambient
Lens f0.95/25 mm
Internal light source White / Standard ; Blue / Option
Software Standard
OS system MS Windows 10
Dimension (mm) 40 x 33 x 58 cm (W x D x H)
Weight 19kg
Power 100-240V, 50-60 Hz



■BrochurechemiBENCH brochure.pdf,