AgileBlot Western Blot Processor


for automated washing & incubation of strip-based assays

The AgileBlot is an automated strip processor and is applicable to western blot membrane inspection procedure or similar technique. With fully programmable features, from dispense volumes, selection of dispense channels, shaking speed for incubation steps, incubation temperature to wash parameters can be arranged in any combination within a program and up to 15 programs can be stored on-board. Simply load samples and select a pre-programmed or custom program, AgileBlot eliminates technique-dependent variability in strip assay processing.

Unattended, Load and Leave!

Automated processing of up to 40 strips per run

Allowing 2 different detections carried out simultaneously
Reagent delivery system for up to 8 fluid

High precision volume dispensing

Minimized dead volume to save precious reagents
Auto-calibration of dispense volume
Password protection for power on and pre-defined programs available
All steps can be easily programmed for individual protocols
High Safety : fully-enclosed pipeline system as well as pipeline cleaning function for easy maintenance and elimination of cross-contamination.  The automatic operation improves the safety.
Applicable to all western blot membrane reagent kits. No special reagents are required - use the same reagents you currently use and significantly improve your results.

Membrane capacity


Liquid distribution channel

6 channels (standard), expandable to 8 channels

Distributed volume

0.5mL~3mL, increasing progressively by 0.1mL

Correction of distributed volume

Automatic correction by software

Programmable test item

15 items, each of which includes 20 sub-items

Incubation temperature

Room temperature, adjustable among 25 degree, 30 degree and 37 degree

Incubation time

0~48 hours 59 minutes, increasing progressively by 1 minute

Incubation swaying frequency

Adjustable among 0Hz, 0.1Hz, 0.25Hz, 0.5Hz and 1Hz



Storage bottle capacity

Detergent bottle, diluent bottle: 1L /bottle; waste liquid bottle: 2L /bottle ; other reagent: 30ml/bottle


RS-232 & USB



Working environment

15 ° C~ 35 ° C; relative humidity <80%

Storage environment

-10 ° C~ 40 ° C; relative humidity <80%

Power supply input

A.C .110V-220V±22V, 50/60Hz±1Hz

Input power


Product dimension & weight

60 x 45 x 38cm, 22.5kg

Packing dimension & weight

72 x 57 x 53cm, 29kg



■BrochureAgileBlotter Brochure.pdf,