WesternOne Marker Pen


WesternOneTM Marker Pen is a perfect tool for chemiluminescent detection in Western blot. It can be easily used to write/draw on your transfer membranes and make pre-stained marker chemiluminescent, annotate blot with experiment condition or confirm/evaluate the efficacy of ECL substrate. The reagent in WesternOneTM Marker is optimized and reacts with HRP substrates to produce chemiluminescence that can be detected by X-ray film or CCD imaging. 

Improve accuracy - instead of “guessing” protein ladder band position, transform visible ladder into a chemiluminescent bands on your Western blot
Simplify Western – easily mark on membrane to know position on film
Annotate - permanently mark your blots with the date or experiment condition
Ultra sensitive and fast reacting reagent in just 10 seconds
Confirm HRP substrate stability – reagent glows when incubated with HRP substrate, so it can be used to test substrate stability
Compatible - with both X-ray film and CCD imagers