LE multi-purpose agarose


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Agarose is a neutral polysaccharide extracted from certain seaweeds.  The molecular structure of this polysaccharide gives the capacity to form gels that are very strong even at low concentrations.  Agarose is the most popular medium for electrophoresis.  AvansBio agaroses are  reliable and high-quality products.



The ElectroEndoOsmose describes a phenomenon of ionisation of specific charged molecules which occur in the gel or in the area of electrophoresis instruments. This ionisation is due to water ions which flow in the opposite direction of the elctrophoretic migration. As a negative result bands appear blurred. AvansBio LE Multi-Purpose agarose is specially made for those applications where low EEO is necessary.


For DNA/RNA routine analysis, 100bp - 25 kb
Low EEO for high electrophoresis mobility
High purity and Multi-purpose
Greener agarose choice
Low background and high resolution
Optimized gel strength for ease of gel preparation
Ideal for gel electrophoresis, chromatographic separations, and other life science applications.



1. Gel Electrophoresis
2. Gel plates
3. Gel matrix used in chromatographic separations
4. IEP (Immuno electrophoresis) and Ouchterlony (double diffusion) plates in which antibody-antigen precipitin lines are studied


Separation of DNA in agarose

Agarose gel (%)








DNA size range (kb)








Sulfate content - used as an indicator of purity, since sulfate is the major ionic group present.
Gel strength - the force that must be applied to a gel to cause it to fracture. 
Gelling point - the temperature at which an aqueous agarose solution forms a gel as it cools.
Electroendosmosis (EEO) - one of the most important characteristics of agarose. Anionic group in agarose gel are affixed to the matrix and can not move, but dissociable counter cations can migrate towards the cathode in the matrix, giving rise to EEO, EEO can disrupt separations of DNA because of internal convection. The lower EEO, the faster DNA will migrate, additionally, lower EEO helps to improve the resolution of DNA and RNA as their migration is determined only by their size, not by their charge.


Product LE Agarose, high purity, Multi-purpose, Low EEO (LE) and sulfate agarose
CAS 9012-36-6
Appearance White to off-white powder
EEO <0.13
Gelling point 36℃±1.5℃(1.5% Gel)
Melting point 88℃±1.5℃(1.5% Gel)
Solubility clear colorless solution at 1g plus 100ml water
Moisture < 10%
Gel strength >1200 g/cm2 (1% Gel)
Sulfate < 0.15%
Ash < 0.5%
Impurities (DNases, RNases, Proteases, and Endonuclease) None detected

Packaging Units : 100g, 500g, 1kg,10kg, 50kg or any size upon request.