UVISDrop micro-vol UV/Vis spectrophotometer


UVISDropTM gives highly accurate full spectrum measurements with micro-samples (spectrum range: 200~ 850 nm).  Simply pipette 0.5~ 2.5ul sample onto the pedestal, laying down the sampling arm, UVISDrop can automatically complete the measurement within 5 seconds. 


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UVISDropTM is not for sale in USA, Canada, Japan and most European countries.

1. UV/Vis measurement. Wide application, including nucleic acid (DNA/ RNA), protein, the concentration of other samples and counting of cell numbers.
2. A full spectrum measurement (200~ 850 nm) is available. The results of two light paths can be displayed simultaneously.
3. No need to dilute high-concentration samples.
4. No cuvettes or capillaries or other positioning instruments required.
5. Buttons of “Blank” & “Measurement” on the shell, no need to use mouse.
6. The light intensity is adjustable according to the sample concentrations to obtain stable measurements.
7. Controllable by the computer software with data storage function.

Standard path length

1 mm

Short path length
(for high concentration sample)

0.2 mm

Sample volume

0.5~ 2.5 ul

Light source

Xenon flash lamp


3648-element linear silicon CCD array detector

Wavelength range

200 ~ 850 nm

Wavelength accuracy

1 nm

Wavelength resolution

3 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)
<1.8 nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7 nm)

Absorbance precision

0.002 (1 mm path)

Absorbance accuracy

2% (at 0.76 absorbance at 257 nm)

Measurement range

0.1 ~ 70 Abs.

Measurement accuracy

0.1 ~ 5 Abs. ± 0.1
5 ~ 75 Abs. ± 2%

Measurement cycle

<5 seconds


214 x147 x 95 mm

Optical fiber



12 VDC



Detects nucleic acid up to

2~3500 ng/ul

Detects protein up to

100 mg/ml


1.4 kg