NuDrop micro-vol. nucleic acid spectrophotometer


NuDropTM is a sophisticated spectrophotometer designed for nucleic acid measurements. The lamp source is UV-LED. It can accurately measure nucleic acid samples, and is no need to dilute high-concentration samples. Simply pipette 1.5~ 2.5ul sample onto the pedestal, laying down the sampling arm, NuDropTM can automatically complete the measurement within 3 seconds.


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NuDropTM is not for sale in USA, Canada, Japan and most European countries.



1. No need to dilute high-concentration samples.
2. No cuvettes or capillaries or other positioning instruments required.
3. Measurement only needs 2~3 seconds.
4. Controlled by the computer software with data storage function and power supplied by USB with low voltage.
5. Buttons of “Blank” & “Measurement” on the shell, no need to use mouse.
6. “Standard Curve” function in the software increases the accuracy of the measured values.
7. “Remote Maintenance” function in the software allows faster and more effective trouble shooting and solution.


Long path length

1 mm

Short path length

0.2 mm (for high concentration measurement)

Sample size requirement

1.5 ~ 2.5 ul

Light source



photo diode

Wavelength range

260nm, 280nm, 380nm

Wavelength accuracy

2 nm

Absorbance precision

0.001 Abs

Absorbance accuracy

0.02-0.2 Abs ±0.002 ; 0.2-1.2Abs ±0.02(1mm/0.2mm)

Absorbance range

0.02-1.2Abs; 0.02-6Abs(1mm/0.2mm);
0.02-60Abs(10mm equivalent Abs)

Measurement cycle time

about 2 seconds


214 X 147 x 95 mm

Sample pedestal material of construction

303 stainless steel

Optical fiber cable material of construction


Power supplied by USB


Operation power consumption

0.5 W

Detection Limit



2 kg